Caramel Toast for kids

This is a crispy, crunchy and sweet toast which kids and grown up kids would love to eat. Not my own recipe, though I named it for the sake of blogging. The first time I came across a toast with ghee and sugar on it was at one of our acquaintance place when I was in the second standard (at school). My mother also witnessed the same and ….
being a food enthusiast herself tried this at home and now I prepare this for my kids and try to stop myself with one or two serving; though it is hard to. I mentioned ‘for kids’ bcoz of the butter / ghee factor.

the recipe

Bread Slices
Butter or Ghee

the method

Spread ¾ tsp butter / ghee on one side of the bread slice. Sprinkle ¾ tsp sugar over the butter / ghee. Heat a griddle and place the prepared slice / slices with sugar side down slightly away from the centre. Rotate the slice every few minutes to avoid burning of sugar and to ensure even cooking. Cook in medium flame until the sugar has caramelised. Turn and cook for a minute. Done.

Mop the griddle before placing the next batch.


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