French Onion Soup

You need not have a French onion to prepare this soup… can be prepared from the usually variety.

It is a hot soup with lots of pepper which is balanced with the caramelised onions. The basis recipe is prepared with beef broth, but it tastes with chicken or vegetable stock.

the recipe

onion – 2
oil – 1 tbsp
sugar – 2 tsp
salt – to taste
crushed pepper – 1 ½ tsp or more, as per need
Chicken/ Vegetable / Beef stock – 2 cup

Croutons – 4 bread slices.

the method

Heat oil in a pan and stir in the onion. Saute till the onion are golden brown. Turn to high heat and add the sugar. Stir briskly till the sugar has caramelised / turns brown and coats the onion. When the sugar has caramelised add the stock and bring it to a boil. Add salt and pepper.


French onion soup is usually garnished with a whole slice crouton / bread immersed in the soup. While spooning the soup a piece of the bread is also taken to get that ……..taste (I don’t have words to explain that). It is that good. 

A crouton is usually prepared by frying the bread or bread pieces – it consumes a lot of oil. A healthy alternative is to place the bread slices on a griddle till it is crispy or place it in the over at 180oC for four minutes on either side.

Serve the hot soup with a crouton……it is a great soup to cure a cold or to sip it during cold weather.

The recipe goes to Dr.Sameena's Soup Recipes Event


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