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Somehow the chillness or the laziness of winter is keeping me away from the blog world. I thought I’ll jumpstart by preparing and writing about the illustrious and legendary Filter Coffee.
Well, the filter coffee is indeed a legendary drink especially if you have lived in Tamilnadu and experienced the taste of it in all those vegetarian restaurants after a nice masala dosa, poori masala or even a tasty plate of idlis.

Now that I live in Kerala once in a while we dine for Masala Dosa and the coffee is something that completes the meal. I drink filter coffee even at night.
Though I am all crazy about this coffee my efforts to own a filter has not yet been successful. May be I have not been able to convince my husband about the nostalgia that accompanies the filter coffee.

So I usually prepare the filter coffee without the filter by just placing the coffee in a tall tumbler or a slim / vertical jug overnight so that you can pour the clear coffee out the next morning leaving behing the residual coffee powder and a little bit of the liquid. This would give the same taste and you can decide how strong a coffee you need.

The decoction I prefer is medium because a very strong coffee would give me burning sesation.
Recipe inspired from Priya Sreeram’s Bon Appetite
the recipe for a medium strong filter coffee is as follows:

1 ¼ cup water
3 cup boiling hot milk
4 heaped tsp coffee powder

the method
Place the 4 tsp coffee powder in a silm jug or any vertical container. Boil the water and pour it over the coffee powder. Close the container immediately and let it stand overnight.

The next morning, carefully pour the coffee into another vessel (use a sieve if you need though it is not need because the coffee will be clear). Leave the residue with about ¼ cup coffee remaining in it.
Take out the clear coffee / decoction. Use ¼ cup decoction with ¾ cup milk. Add adequate sugar, mix and drink. I like the filter coffee in a bitter sweet taste.

the recipe goes to Radhika's Blog Hop


Ganga Sreekanth said…
very nice. . . . .thanks for sharing
Prathima Rao said…
Nice one ;)
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner
Hamaree Rasoi said…
Thanks a lot for sharing this coffee preparation in this cool evening.

Hamaree Rasoi
Suja said…
Refreshing..thanks for sharing..
Indulge said…
I LUV Filter coffee, but the one u get in restaurants here is always smelling of burnt milk, not fresh like home brewed. Thanks for sharing the rec.
Love Ash.
faseela said…
perfect filter coffee............
chd said…
My mother makes like this same method. But she will do early morning around 4am and after 2 hrs it will come nice decoction.
Priya said…
Super flavourful filter coffee,feel like having it.
hmm...the coffee looks irreversibly tasty and a perfect wake up beverage for me

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