Pork Vindalho (Vindaloo)

Pork Vindalho is a much liked dish in Anglo-Indian homes, be it a Goan Anglo or a Fort Kochi Anglo. Tangy, yet delicate this is something worth trying!!

If you are not a pork eater, you can try this with beef.

If you are a vegan do check out the eggplant and potato vindaloo in this  blog.

This is a recipe which i had posted during the initial days of blogging. I am reposting it for this Christmas season.

the recipe

Pork – 1 kg

Ingredients for the Mustard & Red Chilly paste 

 Dry Red Chillies (whole – Kashmiri chillies are better) – 25 – 30 or 3 tablespoon kashmiri chilly powder
 Mustard – 1 1/2 tbsp
 Cumin – ½ tsp
 Pepper corns – 1 tsp
 Cardamom – 3
 Cinnamon – 2 cm piece
 Cloves - 5
 Garlic – 12 – 15 cloves
 Ginger – 3 cm piece
 Shallots (small onion) – 12 – 15
 Vinegar – 4 tbsp
 Tomato - 1

 Oil – 1 tbsp
 Onion – 1
 Turmeric – ½ tsp
 Salt – 1 ½ tsp
 Sugar – ½ tsp

the method

 In a mixer, finely powder the red chillies, mustard, cumin, pepper, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. Add ginger, garlic, shallots, vinegar and tomato to the powdered mixture and grind to a fine past by adding required amount of water. 

 Cut the pork into flat 4 x 6 cm pieces or any preferred shape. Marinate the pork with Mustard & Red Chilly paste and salt for at least an hour.

 In a pan, add oil. Stir in the onion till translucent and add the turmeric. Add the marinated pork. Cook till done. Add sugar just before turning off heat (Alternatively, the meat can be cooked in a pressure cooker for 7 whistle). Serve with rice or bread.

The addition of 1 tbsp brandy at the end would give a tasty twist to the Vindalho / Vindaloo. 


Ganga Sreekanth said…
Looks so tempting. Feel like tasting those right now!!
Neetz said…
i m not mch of pork fan.. but the dish surely shows its yummyy!!!
Suja said…
Yummy and tempting vindaloo..
Mélange said…
I never had pork in my life.But your vindaloo looks super tempting..Cheers !
Ganga Sreekanth said…
wow awesome dear...very nice...luv it!
Priya said…
Looks super tempting and delicious.
looks so tasty and delicious:)