A compilation of James Bond Title / Theme music & other JB musings

I know this is a food blog… but I wanted to put some thoughts over here today….which is a spur of moment thought…but it did take some time to find out the original  youtube links without advertisements.

I searched for the hashtag #JamesBond  on Twitter today for an official purpose and saw the theme song for Skyfall by Adele ( in Mashable) that was trending (http://mashable.com/2012/10/04/adele-skyfall-james-bond-theme-video/). 

I listened to it and I just couldn’t stop listening to it and also went to Adele’s website (http://home.adele.tv/).  The reason may be because the lyrics were readable and something like a singalong.

It is the 50th Anniversary of James Bond movies today and I am a fan of many JB guys especially Pierce Brosnan, in JB as well as other movies like Mamma Mia. I have wondered what the zodiac of these guys are. A short research result concluded not the same.Anyways if you would like to hear the title / theme of other James Bond movies from 1962 onwards a compilation is here.

Another way to Die – Quantum of Solace 

You Know My Name   -   Casino Royale

Die Another Day – Die Another Day

The World Is Not Enough - The World Is Not Enough

Tomorrow Never Dies - Tomorrow Never Dies

GoldenEye – GoldenEye

Licence to Kill - Licence to Kill

The Living Daylights

A View To a Kill - A View To a Kill

All Time High

For Your Eyes Only


The Spy Who Loved Me

The Man with the Golden Gun

Live and Let Die 

Diamonds Are Forever

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

You Only Live Twice



From Russia With Love


Just another crazy day …..



Prathima Rao said…
My sis would love this compilation..Sending the post link to her this instant :)
Prathima Rao
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Priyas Feast said…
Delicious and Perfectly made..i wish i cud have a spoon of it