Mint Pulao | Pressure Cooker Method

This is a very easy rice recipe you can make in Pressure Cooker. Add it to your Christmas Menu.

Ingredients for the mint chutney

A large bunch of mint
1 1/2 inch piece of ginger
6 cloves of garlic
Curd 4 tbsp or Juice of 1 lemon

Ingredients for the pulao

500 gms of Basmati Rice (approximately 4 cups)
1 large onion, sliced
a medium stick of cinnamon
6 cloves
a tbsp of pepper corns
Veg oil - 2 tbsp
Almonds or cashew nuts - as much as you need
Salt to taste
8 cups of water

the method

Wash and soak the rice in water for 15 minutes. Drain it and set aside.

Heat oil in a  pressure cooker and add the onions, cinnamon, cloves, pepper corns and nuts. Meanwhile grind the ingredients for the mint chutney.

When the onion turns translucent, add the mint mix and saute for 10-15 seconds. Add the rice and salt and stir gently. Add the water, give a quick stir and put the lid of the pressure cooker. Let the whistle blow once. Turn off heat. Open the cooker when the pressure is gone. Serve this with potato wedges or a chicken curry or if it a weekday, serve with an omelette.

If you don't like to cook in pressure cooker, cook the rice separately and then season it using the method mentioned above.


Manjula Bharath said…
very very yummy and flavourful mint pulao :) looks inviting dear !!
Anisha said…
Nice pulao recipe. Ongoing event at my place :

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