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hi there,

welcome to Roshans Cucina - the food blog for the foodie!

this blog was born out of a dream.  my dream, besides a career in writing, was to write a recipe book. as a young girl, i have always thought that writing recipes was a fascinating thing...may be because i was used to eating tasty and a variety of food prepared by my mother....the curiosity of my mother to try new things has nurtured a thought in me to find the finest of food and the finest way of preparation....

since recipe books are almost outdated now and it is the era of food blogs....here you are at Roshan's Cucina. i am an Anglo India brought up in a hill station called Valparai (and now live in Kochi) i think this gave me enough time to just dream. i used to wake up to green / blue mountains and a few minutes of meditation and all the beautiful flowers in the garden...oh yeah...it was the days of flower power and all....a nice, slow & peaceful life.....!

at Roshans Cucina you can find a blend of Kerala & Indian cuisine as well as recipes from around the world. i have tried these recipes and have posted only the ones that have come out well....there are certain amount of experimentation which you can see in the bakes - in the pumpkin bread, etc and in curries - like the Tangy Tamarind Chicken Curry and  some other recipes.Besides recipes, there are short cuts for preparation for the busy ladies & 'gentlemen' who do not want to compromise on 'taste & time'.

if you would like to know why this name for the blog, then - Roshan is my pet name and Cucina means kitchen in Italian, but in Anglo Indian homes kitchen used to be called Cucinjha...i rather chose Cucina - dont know the reason myself.....so thats the connection...

......thanks for reading through....feel free to navigate the blog through the 'labels'. don't forget to Like the FB page or follow me on twitter - that helps spread the word...he he...

 if you feel anything good or bad about this blog and wish to communicate please write to roshanscucina@gmail.com



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