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Rajma & Carrot Makhani

Idichakka Thoran (Tender JackFruit stir fried with Coconut & Spices)

Cabbage Koottu (C'bge in dal and coconut gravy)

Ladies Finger / Okra / Bhindi Masala

Pazham Pulissery (Banana in coconut & curd gravy)

Beet Root & Potato Pepper Saute

Chilly Fried Rice with Peanuts & Veggies

Vegetable Stew – Kerala Style (without coconut milk)

Soya Chunk Pulao

Chilly Tomato (Chinese)

Methi Palak Paneer

Soya Cutlets ( baked or fried )

Chembu Curry (Colocasia / Taro)

Frijole Mole (Chickpea Spread) - Reposted for MLLA 31

Kashmiri Paneer

Mint Chutney - lemon flavored

Baked Bittergourd

Green Pea Green Kurma

Inji Puli (kinda Ginger Relish)

Frijole Mole (Chickpea Spread)